What people are saying about ProMed:


“Dear Sirs:

It is a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Barbara Walsh, and her company ProMed. I have been a client of ProMed for almost 7 years. I have worked with Barbara Walsh over this time period, and have been able to observe her professional demeanor.  Barbara Walsh is an extremely affable person who is an expert in medical billing. She has helped my practice immensely, improving collections and cash flows, and providing me with opportunities that have led to the growth of my practice. It has been a privilege to work with her through ProMed.

ProMed, has been responsible for all aspects of medical billing for my practice since I started in 2005. I can say, without hesitation that ProMed is one of the most amazing companies I have had the opportunity to work with. Barbara Walsh employs an intelligent and efficient group of employees who are experts in the specialty of medical billing. Patient visits are billed accurately and revenues are received in a predictable time frame.  This allows for appropriate decision making in expenditures, payroll, and operations. As compared to when I worked at a practice that employed “in house” billing, ProMed delivers a time sensitive approach to billing and revenue collection. It is amazing that despite all the services ProMed offers my practice, how reasonable their fee structure is for their services. There is no way I could employ an “in house” billing group for the amount ProMed charges my practice.  I would challenge more practices to look at their costs, and to consider ProMed as they are likely to save money by outsourcing to a professional billing company such as ProMed.

I am very satisfied with the services I have received from ProMed. I am fortunate to be one of their clients and feel as though they are in many ways responsible for the success of my practice. I would challenge any medical group to look at their current billing office and to compare it to ProMed. They will find, as I have, that it makes financial sense to outsource billing. I give ProMed my highest recommendation for new clients. I encourage prospective clients to call me if they would like to discuss ProMed’s services.


Vinay R. Aggarwal, MD, MBA”